Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lesson Plans: August 2016

-Teach the song "The Lord Gave Me a Temple"

-In week one, The Sharing Time lesson uses "My Gospel Standards."  Try the My Gospel Standards Singing Time Activity.

-Review all of the program songs with the following activities:

2017 Songs Have Been Announced!

The new curriculum for 2017 has been announced.  The title is "Choose the Right."  Here are the monthly songs:

January:  As a Child of God
February:  Choose the Right
March:  Stand for the Right
April:  Song of your choice about Jesus Christ from the Children's Songbook
May:  When I am Baptized
June:  Nephi's Courage
July:  The Wise Man and The Foolish Man or song of your choice from the Children's Songbook
August:  I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus