Monday, May 16, 2016

"Praise to the Man" Review

I've created this game for Senior Primary to review verses one, three, and/or the chorus of "Praise to the Man."  It is a good way to get the kids to sing the song many times and to pay attention to the lyrics without realizing that they're working.   
To prepare the game:
1.  Download the appropriate PDF at the bottom of the page. (I have a separate document for each verse and the chorus, in both US and A4 paper sizes).
2.  Print the first two pages
3.  Print the last two pages on the back of the first two.
4.  Cut out the strips.
Now you should have a puzzle with the picture on one side and the lyrics to the song on the other.  (If you can't get the lyrics to line up, just write them in marker.)  Cut a piece of clear shelf paper, or press-and-seal plastic, big enough to cover the entire puzzle.  Remove the backing and attach it to the blackboard, sticky-side-out, with magnets or tape.   Attach the puzzle pieces, lyrics-side-out, to the blackboard with magnets or clear tape.  
Tell the children that they need to learn the song so well that they can recite it inside-out, backward and forward.  They're going to see if they can sing the song from the end to the beginning.  Take the strip that reads "the hero again." and place it at the bottom of the piece of shelf paper.  Explain that this is the last line of the verse. 
Ask them to sing the song with you and listen for the line that occurs just BEFORE this one.  Sing through the song and ask the children which word strip belongs just above the one that you've already posted.  Have them find the word-strip and carefully attach it to the shelf paper above the first. 
Continue the game until all the word strips are on the page in the correct order.  When the lyrics are complete, remove the magnets holding up the shelf paper and turn it around, showing the children the picture side of the puzzle. 

The completed puzzles will look like this:
Verse 1
Verse 3



Actually, click HERE:



  1. I used your puzzle review idea for "I Will Follow God's Plan" and the kids LOVED it! So here I am grateful that you have come up with this idea to go with "Praise to the Man." Thank you!!

  2. This is awesome,thank you! Cant wait to use it for review!!!

  3. This is awesome,thank you! Cant wait to use it for review!!!