Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Heroes of the Scriptures"

This year, many choristers have chosen to teach a song called "Heroes of the Scriptures."

I want to be like Noah,
Obedient to the Lord,
Courageous like Queen Esther
And Ammon with his sword.
Like Ruth, I would be faithful.
Like Noah, I'd be true.
Examples in the scriptures
Can teach me what to do.

I want to be like Daniel
And stand up for the right;
Like Joseph Smith, seek wisdom
In prayer for heaven's light.
Sariah's strength on journeys
And Alma's change of heart
Inspire me to choose wisely,
Repent and do my part.

I want to be like Mary,
Rejoicing in the truth;
Like Samuel and Moroni,
Who listened in their youth.
Examples in the scriptures
Can help me to become
Obedient, brave and holy-
More like God's perfect Son.

I created a puppet for each of the characters mentioned in the song.  Print the document linked at the bottom of the page.  Then carefully cut out the mouth holes.  Consider laminating the puppets if you plan to use them several times.

Have the children take turns holding the puppets to their faces and singing through the holes.  Repeat the song as many times as possible until you run out of time or the activity becomes too irreverent.   

Because it was published in "The Friend" magazine, it is approved for use in our callings, but it is always a good idea to first ask permission from your presidency.  You should also ask your presidency if they approve of the activity.  It might be more appropriate for Activity Days than for Sunday.  And, as always, be sure to include church-approved images that help the children understand that these are real people.

(Facebook commenter Cyndi points out that the lyrics will work with the music to "Scripture Power!")







Joseph Smith





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  1. I LOVE your Lip Sync Puppets!!! I use them sooo Much!! Because of that, I would LOVE to see a pioneer set. Some woman some men etc. Is that even possible? Thanks for sharing your talent!