Thursday, April 28, 2016

"This is My Beloved Son" Rock-Paper-Scissors

1.  Display the pictures below on the chalkboard.  Label each one with the number of the verse it represents.
2.  Ask the children one of the questions at the bottom of the page. 
3.  Tell the children to hit their fists on their palms three times while they say "rock, paper, scissors."  On the forth time, they hold up the number of fingers that represents the verse that answers your question. 
4.  Briefly discuss how the verse answers your question.  Sing the verse. 
John Baptizing Jesus (GAK 208)
Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites (GAK 315)
The First Vision (GAK 403)
Q:  Where was Jesus baptized? 
A:  v1, in the River Jordan
Q:  How did Joseph Smith know which church he should join?
A:  v3, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him
Q:  How should baptism be performed?
A:  v1, by immersion
Q:  When should I read my scriptures?
A:  v4, daily
Q:  Does Heavenly Father look like a person?
A:  v3, yes!
Q:  How can I hear the words of Christ?
A:  v4, read the scriptures
Q:  How did Christ visit the Nephites?
A:  v2, he came down from the heavens
Q:  How did the Nephites know they were seeing  Christ?
A:  v2, they heard the voice of God witness
Q:  How can I know that the scriptures are true?
A:  v4, you will feel the Spirit in your heart

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