Friday, October 30, 2015

Lesson Plans: November 2015

Weeks 1 and 2:  Jesus Christ taught us how to serve others.
Teach "I'll Walk With You"

Week 3:  When I serve my family, I serve God.
Review "I'll Walk With You" or another song of your choice with the Family Game or Family Pictionary

Week 4:  When I serve my neighbors, I serve God.
Review a song with the People in my Neighborhood activity.

To celebrate Guy Fawkes Night (UK), let the children select songs by choosing from these fireworks.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, try teaching one of these songs about gratitude:
Can a Little Child Like Me
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Children All Over the World
or use one of these activities:
Hot (sweet)Potato
Thanksgiving Turkey

Get ready for Christmas by practicing one of the following songs:
Picture a Christmas
Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus
The Nativity Song
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem

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