Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spotlight: Nathan Schaumann

Allow me to introduce you to one of the finest musicians I've ever heard- and he's only fourteen years old!  I met the Schaumann family last year while we were attending the Wassenaar, Netherlands Branch.  All of the children are sweet spirits are excellent musicians.  Now Nathan has started a YouTube Channel where he posts covers of his favorite pop songs.

Here, he covers Coldplay's "Paradise" with his sister, Emily.

And in my favorite, he covers Sia's "Chandelier."

Do yourself a favor and give him a listen.  I promise you'll love it.  Then do ME a favor and "like" his Facebook page.  

Lesson Plans: January 2015

As of the first week of January, I have not completed artwork for the new song, "I Know That My Savior Loves Me."  My son, MP, has Autism, ADHD, and severe anxiety which has been causing hallucinations.  He hasn't been able to go to school and needs constant attention.  If you can, please remember him in your prayers this fast Sunday.  If we can get him back on his medication, I'll have much more time to devote to art.  I may have a flip chart ready for next week, so check back if you haven't taught the song yet.  Otherwise, enjoy the following ideas.  Thanks for your service in this beautiful work!

1.  Introduce the new theme "I Know My Savior Lives" by talking about the Character Traits of Christ.

2.  Have a Primary Song Showcase.  Ask members of the ward to come perform each of the new songs for 2015.

3.  Spend the first week singing the favorite song of each new Sunbeam to help them feel welcome and get them involved.  Make sure to read the article "How to Help New Sunbeams Pay Attention."  You might also want to try these reverence eggs.

4.  Celebrate the new year with the Resolutions Activity or the Fireworks Activity.

5.  If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, try out the Primary Song Snowflakes or Snowball Fight Activity.  If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, try the Gather Sunshine Activity.

New Years Resolutions

As people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, you might want to make some with your Primary.   Make and draw strips with the following resolutions and/or others you might think of.  As the children draw a strip from the hat, read the resolution and see if they can think of one or more songs that relate.  My suggestions are written below.  At the end of Singing Time, ask the children to choose two or three of these resolutions to adopt as a group for 2015.

Make sure that everyone feels loved and included.
Jesus Said Love Everyone
Love One Another
Kindness Begins With Me

Keep reverence during lessons.
Reverently, Quietly
To Think About Jesus

Recognize when the Spirit is present in lessons.
The Holy Ghost
The Still Small Voice

Learn as much as possible about Christ and develop a testimony of Him.
Jesus Once Was a Little Child
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Look for blessings and reasons to be grateful.
For Health and Strength

Say meaningful prayers.
I Pray in Faith

Listen for ideas we can share with our families.

Try to find opportunities to invite our friends to Primary.

Remember to bring our scriptures
Search, Ponder and Pray
Books in the…  Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon

Memorize the Articles of Faith
(any of the Articles of Faith songs)

Be cheerful and happy
If You're Happy and You Know It