Saturday, July 26, 2014

Primary Program Signs

Use theses signs during the primary program in order to discretely get the children's attention.  I've included the ones I most commonly need.  If you can think of others which would be useful, let me know!

For the song cue cards, I've included my pick, "Love at Home."  Obviously, many of you will have chosen different songs for the months of May and June.  Because of this, I've left the document in Word format so that it can be edited.  You can copy and paste a picture from this link which corresponds with your song and change the caption below the picture.  


Sing Louder


Look up


Get ready to sing "He Sent His Son"

Get ready to sing "I Will Follow God's Plan for Me"

Get ready to sing "I Stand All Amazed"

Get ready to sing "The Family is of God"

Get ready to sing "Love at Home"

Get ready to sing "Baptism"

Get ready to sing "Seek the Lord Early"


  1. You've done it again! Amazing! Thanks for all you do. These will be so wonderful for cueing the kids. I have made signs in the past, but I love that yours are just symbols with no words. Perfect! Also, I love the idea of showing one picture from the song to cue the kids as to which song they will be singing next. Thank you so much!

    1. Mine actually do have words, but I left it in Word so that you can remove them easily.

  2. Awesome!!! Love the signs and cues for the program! You wouldn't happen to have a thumbs up sign? Love your work!!!