Monday, July 14, 2014

Activity: Now We Know Our Primary Songs

To encourage the kids to master the program songs for this year, tell them that you are going to write a song.  On a piece of poster board or large paper, draw a musical staff- five parallel horizontal lines 3" apart.  You can add the treble clef (the symbol on the left) if you like, but it's not necessary.

Print the document at the bottom of the page and cut out each of the images.  I've created a music note for each song the children should have learned this year.   As the children master each song, let them add the corresponding music note to the staff.   Make sure to keep them in order, but let the children decide on which line or space they'd like to place the note.  When the children have learned all of the songs and placed all of the notes, have the pianist play the song for them.  Sing the words "now we know our pri-ma-ry songs" to the tune they've written.

May (write in the song of your choice)

June (write in the song of your choice)

July (Baptism)


  1. This looks amazing. I can also use it as visual each week as we have 8 weeks to review doing our program the end of October so it could be the progress chart on how each song is doing. The better they sing the higher we place the note. Hopefully too high to sing it by the end. ;) Thanks for all your brilliant ideas.

  2. I loved this idea! Would it be possible for you to put the songs and pictures on there for 2015?

    1. I will toward the end of 2015 but I don't have them illustrated yet.