Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Teach New Songs

When I teach a new song, I usually do some variation on the following process:

1.  Introduce the melody.  Have the pianist softly play the song while you discuss the theme.    Sing or play the song for the children and ask them to listen for something specific (how many times does it use this word, answer this question, etc.)  Have them sing the melody in an animal "language"   (instead of singing the words, sing "moo" or "baa" or "meow").

2.  If you plan to use a flip chart, share it with the children.  For loads of ideas on teaching songs with flip charts, check out this post.

3.  Teach the chorus.  The chorus is usually both easier to learn and catchier. If the children know the chorus well then they can end the song stronger and with more confidence, which encourages them to keep trying.

4.  Teach the verses.  Sing the children the first line and have them repeat it.  Sing the second line and have them repeat it.  See if they can sing both lines together.  Repeat with the next two lines.  See if they can sing all four lines together.  Continue.  Don't spend too much time on this.  They'll catch on better when you put the whole song together.

5.  Once the children have heard and repeated all of the lines, find a creative way to sing the song as many times as possible.  Here are some of my ideas.

6.  In the following weeks, include the song in your activities so that they don't forget it.

If you have more tips, please share them with us in the comments!

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