Monday, September 30, 2013

Hot and Cold

Choose a small item or picture to hide somewhere in the primary room.  Have one child stand outside the door (with an adult if necessary) while another child hides the object.  Bring the child back into the primary room to look for the object.  As he or she searches, the rest of the primary sings the practice song over and over.  As he gets closer to the object, the primary sings louder.  As he gets further from the object, the primary sings more softly.   When the object has been found, choose two new children to participate and play again.


When practicing song on subjects such as missionary work, have the children search for this lost sheep.  Before you play, you might quickly read the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:1-7.  Print the document, cut out the sheep, and laminate it so that it won't become damaged during the game.  I keep this lamb in my bag every week and often use it if we have extra time.

When practicing songs about searching the scriptures, you might use this picture.  I plan, for example, to use this activity to review the song "Seek the Lord Early" in July of 2014.  (For this song, you might also use a picture of Christ, but I like the idea of helping the children understand HOW they seek the Lord."

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