Saturday, August 31, 2013

Word Count

***2016 Links are at the bottom!***

This is a great review game that you can play one week a month if you like.  It's easy to prepare, simple to play, and the kids love it.

To play the Senior Primary version of the game, print the document below.  In it, you will find four pages of frequently-used words from our primary songbook (with emphasis on the 2012-2014 Primary Program songs).  After you have printed the document, tape the pages together as shown below.  The first page is in the upper left, second in the lower left, third in the upper right and fourth in the lower right.  Each column should be in alphabetical order.  Laminate the pages or cover the front in clear shelf paper if you plan to reuse the game.

Hang the poster at the front of the room where all of the children can see it.  If you have a large primary, read very quickly through the list of words, so that those who cannot see well will be able to understand.  

Ask the children to raise their hands if they have a favorite primary song in mind.  Choose one child to pick a song.  Sing through the song and ask the children which words from the board occurred in the song.  Variations of the word (i.e. righteous, righteousness, righteously) totally count!

Cross off the words which the children have heard.

At the end of singing time, count the words which have been crossed off and write the number on the back of the page.  Try to beat your score the following month!

(The first time you play the game, it will go very slowly.  However, as the kids try to beat their previous scores, they will learn to choose quickly, sing quickly, pay attention to the words you've sung, and choose the next songs strategically to cross off the maximum number of words.)  I think this is a good exercise to get the children thinking about which songs cover which topics.  Later in life, when they have questions, they may remember that we can find answers to those topics in Primary Songs!

 the link to the Senior Primary Word Count Game is below 
For Junior Primary, I have simplified the game.  Follow the instructions for Senior Primary with the following exception; the children are searching for songs which cover the listed TOPICS, rather than WORDS.  The point of this exercise is to help the Junior Primary children understand what each of their favorite primary songs is about.   

the link to the Junior Primary Word Count Game is below
2016 Senior Primary
2016 Junior Primary


  1. What a FANTASTIC idea. Just reviewing the 2015 songs to see if any words/topics need to be tweaked. THANK YOU!

  2. Great idea! I am going to right the list on the white board and let kids come up and put a tally mark next to the ones they hear in the song we sing, then we can see how many of our songs mention these important topics (all of them are about Christ, most of them mention love, etc) Thanks!

  3. Do you happen to have an updated version?

    1. I don't! I'll make one when I finish drawing "I Love to See the Temple" this week.

  4. Do you happen to have an updated version?

  5. Would you mind doing me a big favor? Can you please add if objects to print should be done in portrait or landscape. Sometimes its hard to tell which one and I am trying to save ink as much as possible. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    1. I'll try but can you explain a little more? I thought that the PDFs would only print one direction? How are you printing? Thanks!