Saturday, August 31, 2013

Word Count

***2016 Links are at the bottom!***

This is a great review game that you can play one week a month if you like.  It's easy to prepare, simple to play, and the kids love it.

To play the Senior Primary version of the game, print the document below.  In it, you will find four pages of frequently-used words from our primary songbook (with emphasis on the 2012-2014 Primary Program songs).  After you have printed the document, tape the pages together as shown below.  The first page is in the upper left, second in the lower left, third in the upper right and fourth in the lower right.  Each column should be in alphabetical order.  Laminate the pages or cover the front in clear shelf paper if you plan to reuse the game.

Hang the poster at the front of the room where all of the children can see it.  If you have a large primary, read very quickly through the list of words, so that those who cannot see well will be able to understand.  

Ask the children to raise their hands if they have a favorite primary song in mind.  Choose one child to pick a song.  Sing through the song and ask the children which words from the board occurred in the song.  Variations of the word (i.e. righteous, righteousness, righteously) totally count!

Cross off the words which the children have heard.

At the end of singing time, count the words which have been crossed off and write the number on the back of the page.  Try to beat your score the following month!

(The first time you play the game, it will go very slowly.  However, as the kids try to beat their previous scores, they will learn to choose quickly, sing quickly, pay attention to the words you've sung, and choose the next songs strategically to cross off the maximum number of words.)  I think this is a good exercise to get the children thinking about which songs cover which topics.  Later in life, when they have questions, they may remember that we can find answers to those topics in Primary Songs!

 the link to the Senior Primary Word Count Game is below 
For Junior Primary, I have simplified the game.  Follow the instructions for Senior Primary with the following exception; the children are searching for songs which cover the listed TOPICS, rather than WORDS.  The point of this exercise is to help the Junior Primary children understand what each of their favorite primary songs is about.   

the link to the Junior Primary Word Count Game is below
2016 Senior Primary
2016 Junior Primary

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Primary Splits

This activity is a follow-up to the Who Sings Now review game.  You can use it as you're learning any new song, or as a review.

First, print the document at the bottom of the page.  (It is formatted for 8.5"x11" paper, but I've left it in Word format so that you can adjust if you use a different size paper)

Next, fold the pictures in half.

Finally, place a tongue depressor or paint-stirrer between the pages and glue together.

Choose a child to come to the front of the classroom and let him pick one of the signs.  Show the entire primary both sides of the sign and let each child decide which category he or she fits (most closely) into.  As you sing the song, have the child at the front of the room hold the sign up and turn it back and forth.  The side which is showing tells the children who sings!

Yes, they do point opposite directions after you fold it.

In Holland, we're doing Christmas or Sinterklaas.   I thought perhaps this would turn out rather one-sided in your ward :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Song Swat

In order to get ready for the upcoming program, I want to get the children to pay special attention to certain phrases they tend to miss.

To play the game:

1.  Print and cut out the document from the bottom of the page. (These include the required 2016 songs and several popular choices for the optional months.  Discard those which your primary has not learned.) 

2.Attach these pictures to the board at the front of the room.

3.  Print and cut out the phrases that the children have difficulty with.  I've suggested ideas from the 2016 songs.  Fold them in half and place them in a bowl.

4.  Choose two reverent children to come to the board.  Draw a phrase out of the bowl and read it aloud in a clear voice.  When the children know to which song the phrase belongs, they "swat" the corresponding picture on the board.  (To avoid the children hitting each other, you may choose to use fly swatters, feathers, wands, etc. to swat the pictures.)

5.  Have the entire primary repeat the phrase after you until they have mastered it.  Then sing the song (or the appropriate verse of the song), paying special attention to the phrase.

6.  Be careful when playing competitive games.  Remember that we are counseled not to encourage excessive competition.  If you sense that the children are getting too competitive, discontinue play and transition into another activity.  Be sure to congratulate all children on their hard work, reverence, knowledge, singing ability, teamwork, etc. and stress that THIS is what is important.

If I Listen With My Heart


Stand for the Right





I Will Be Valiant



write in your own song

write in your own song


If I Listen With My Heart:
I hear a living prophet speak the things that Christ would say (v2)
He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace (v3)

I Will Follow God's Plan:
Holding fast to his word and his love.

Stand For The Right:
At work or at play, in darkness or light

Praise to the Man:
Blessed to open the last dispensation (v1)
Kings shall extol him, and nations revere. (v1)
Crowned in the midst of the prophets of old. (v3)

I Love to See the Temple:
I'll covenant with my Father (v2)
For the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together. (v2)

The Lord Gave Me a Temple:
Once in Heaven I was spirit, but I left my home at birth (v1)
I may in Father's temple claim blessings promised me. (v2)

Scripture Power:
I'll take the shield of faith from these pages that I turn. (v2)
And fight my daily battles, and win a great reward. (v2)

I Will Be Valiant:
And keep my covenants valiantly. 

This is My Beloved Son:
Jesus entered Jordan's waters (v1)
Saw their white-robed Savior come (v2)
God again presented Jesus (v3)
Words of Christ, the Holy One- (v4)

Heroes of the Scriptures:
Like Ruth, I would be faithful (v1)
Like Joseph Smith, seek wisdom in prayer for heaven's light. (v2)
Inspire me to choose wisely, repent, and do my part.  (v2)
Obedient, brave and holy- more like God's perfect Son. (v3)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

I hope they call me on a mission

When I have grown a foot or two.

I hope by then I will be ready

To teach and preach and work as missionaries do.

 I hope that I can share the gospel

With those who want to know the truth.

I want to be a missionary

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"What's In My Bag?" Video

What do I do with all of these odd-shaped pictures when I'm done with the activity?  What are my must have's for a stress-free Sunday?  Does my OCD mean I'm ├╝ber organized?  (hint:  I'm NOT!)  Find out in the video here.

Links for the activities found in the video:

If I missed any of YOUR must-have items, tips, or last-minute activities, leave them in the comments! 

And don't forget to visit and share my new Etsy store.  New products listed recently and more are coming soon.  Help me earn a new laptop so I can continue to do what I love, making primary music aids!    

Can a Little Child Like Me

The week we learn this song, I will have the children sing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" as the opening song.  I will explain to them that it is important to thank Heavenly Father for all of the wonderful blessings He has given us.  We do this through prayer.  It may seem that Heavenly Father has done so many things for us that we will never be able to thank him enough.  Explain that Heavenly Father just wants to know that we are grateful.  Ask them to listen to the lyrics of the song to hear other ways we can show our appreciation.  

Next, teach the children the ASL sign for "Thank You" by slightly cupping your right hand, touching the fingers to your chin, and letting the hand fall forward.  Have them practice the sign.  Then ask them to make this sign whenever they hear the word "thank" as they sing the song.

Can a little child like me thank the Father fittingly?

Yes, oh yes!  Be good and true,

faithful, kind in all you do.

Love the Lord and do your part.

Learn to say with all your heart

"Father, we thank thee.  Father we thank thee.  Father in Heaven we thank thee."