Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'll Walk With You

If you don't walk as most people do,
Some people walk away from you,

But I won't!  I won't! 
 If you don't talk like most people do,
Some people talk and laugh at you,
 But I won't!  I won't!
 I'll walk with you.
I'll talk with you.
That's how I'll show my love for you.
Jesus walked away from none.
He gave his love to everyone.

So I will!  I will!

Jesus blessed all he could see,

Then, turned and said "Come, follow me."
And I will!  I will!

I'll walk with you.  I'll talk with you.  
That's how I'll show my love for you.

Idea 1:  Have the children play this game.    Try standing and sitting on the words "will," "you," etc.

Idea 2:  Quickly relate several stories about Christ ministering unto people who the rest of the world might have overlooked.  Or, read and discuss Matthew 25:40.  Ask the children to watch for one of those examples in the clipart.

Idea 3:  Ask the children what happened in the last picture.  Should we even be nice to people who aren't nice to others?


  1. This song gets me everytime. My son passed away from cancer in September and struggled with walking in his last two years on earth. When they taught this song in primary the chorister was demonstrating someone struggling with walking (not remembering my son) and then asked the kids, "You wouldn't make fun of someone walking like that, right?" My son raised his hand and said, "I walk like that and no one here would make fun of me because I'm their friend!"

    Thank you for your hard work on this blog. I love being a primary chorister but struggle with ideas each week. It's nice to have visuals premade!

  2. These are beautiful images for teaching this song. Just what I was looking for! Any chance you'll be adding the rest of the song?

    1. To be honest, this is the only part I ever sang! I didn't know there WAS more to the song until last night lol. I will try to do it tonight or early next week.

  3. Tana, I'm four months late, but I finished. So sorry it took so long.